|January 18, 2020
Bait-us-Salam Hospital, built over 300 yards, is in the final stages of completion.
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University “Bait-us-Salam” Hospital construction

We are happy to announce that within the university premises “Bait-ul-Islam Welfare Trust ” is constructing ” Bait-ul-Islam Hospital”. This in the final stages of completion which is 300 yards. In this hospital men and women patients will have separate facilities for check-ups. The facility of emergency will be available 24 hours. In this various disease specialists will be available for their services. With the opening of this hospital, apart from the university teachers, students and staff, the people of the neighborhood’s numerous villages (Goths), will not only get free treatment, but they will also be trained religiously and spiritually and they will return home, both physically and spiritually healed.