|January 18, 2020
Bait-us-Salam Hospital, built over 300 yards, is in the final stages of completion.
Hadith Memorization Competition coming up soon!
Students to express their views by participating in the Student Opinion Week.


The University “Bait-us-Salam”, along with higher education system and a well-rounded training, is also concerned about the future of the children and making them active members of society. How can such skills be developed which are essential for success? This concern has led to the introduction of six competitions. These six competitions are in reality the competitions of such skills which are important to gain success. If these skills and attributes enter the person, they are likely to be a great benefit to society and would be able to fulfil the responsibilities of being a part of it.

These are the competitions:

  • Exercise Competition (Health Competition)
  • Speech Competition
  • Writing Competition
  • The Holy Quran Competition
  • Hadith Memorization Competition
  • Poetry Memorization Competition

Exercise Competition (Health Competition):

Scholarly work and practice involves mental hard work and the mind can only be healthy when the body is healthy. Most students at this age do not take care of their health and those parents who are worried about the health of their children only worry about their eating habits. They are not able to ask their children to do daily exercise and a run in the mornings. The University ensures that proper importance is given to exercise and it is carried out while the teachers monitor it closely. Also after Asar prayers, students are required to play football along with other different types of physical exercises.

Health Competition was hence declared compulsory and two exercises were decided; one was a run and the other dips. It was announced that the student who achieved the first, second and third rank would receive huge rewards. The purpose of this exercise was only to create future builders of their physical and mental health so that they would be useful to the success of Islam and Pakistan.

Speech Competition:

The language of the heart is presented through the tongue. No matter how many pearls are hidden in the heart and mind of a person, unless they do not have the freedom of expression, they cannot make an impression in their country. It is an established fact that these people with opinions and expressions are not just fertile minds but also have the full potential of leadership. However, their ability to express their opinions needs to be polished after which they can pull through the people who are immersed in neglect and take them to the right path. Therefore, to reveal these pearls the University started a weekly competition of Literature. To maintain the interest of the students an annual competition for Speech became compulsory. The objective was to make excellent the delivery of expressions and opinions, and in the future carry out excellent ideological and intellectual debates eventually leading them to fulfil the responsibilities of the Ummah.

Writing Competition:

Just like the importance of speech cannot be denied, in the same way the importance of writing has its own place. In this day and age for a Muslim invasion to be possible in every intellectual capacity, it is important that a Writing Competition is held. A good piece of writing should have the best style, is attractive in terms of religion, where the writer’s message seems to mold words. The writing should be of that student whose words reach every person, every home, every stage, every level and can convey the message of Islam to the eternal truths and they become the beacon of Islamic values, the bright face of religious and social culture, and who through his theoretical writings fixes anxiety and humiliation in the society. Therefore the University lays great focus on the Writing Competition as well.

The Holy Quran Competition:

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has asked us to recite the Quran in a proper accent and dialect. To fulfil the righteous requirements of the society, to perform the duties of five times prayer it is important that students learn the accents needed to read the Quran. For this the University arranged for the reading of the Quran the whole year round and then carried out a Quran competition at the end of the year

Hadith Memorization Competition:

Just like the Quran and its teachings are the foundation of Islam, in the same way the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is also a foundation of Islam. The teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) are important to perform religious services in the entire world. The memorization of the Quran is quite common but the memorization of Hadith is also a very blessed activity. Praise be to Allah, the University also encouraged students to memorize Hadith and made the Hadith Competition a part of their educational system.

Poetry Memorization Competition:

Literature is a great investment of every country and every language. The extent to which this investment is safe in poetry, is not the case in normal prose. Poets have the ability to give great judgments, fine interpretations and use the best types of templates in their verses and poetry. To polish the students’ mother tongue and to make them use it in writing and speech effectively, the University inculcated the interest of learning poetry by heart among the students. To judge this level of interest, the University added a Poetry Memorization competition in the syllabus at the end of the year. For the preparation of the competitors, everyday different Urdu and Arabic Hadiths were displayed on the board. We pray to Allah that He accepts these educational and character building activities of the University and gives these students the best skills so that they are able to serve their religion worldwide.