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English Language & Metric/O-Level System

In this day and age, to become a successful religious leader it is essential to be well versed in modern theology; Arabic, the national language and Urdu and English as an international language remains a compulsory acquisition. In the context of language, speech comprehension and writing ability it is important to widen the linguistic and literary foundations. Hence, minimal command over the three languages would not be enough and it will be essential to have a strong grip over them.

Along with memorizing the Quran, the students are taught Urdu, English and Maths everyday for 45 minutes taking into consideration the student’s mental capacity. For this, higher education is divided into three sections and the students are taught English, Urdu and Maths from different classes.

Keeping this in mind, the University “Bait-us-Salam” has proposed a four-year curriculum before Dars-e-Nizami which tries to ensure that in the duration of 4 years the students, together with gaining complete command over the three languages, also pass their Metric/O-Level Examinations (General Group) so that they are well versed in and familiar with contemporary education as well.

It should be noted that to teach these languages traditional methods of teaching have not been employed rather modern and innovative teaching methods have been adopted after thorough research, which is why many students learn exceptional skills in a short period of time. Auditory and visual devices also help in this regard. In this way the great results that would have otherwise taken years, are achieved just in a few months. Students are required to speak in the language which they are learning i.e.: Arabic and not Urdu). In the same way those who are learning English should not speak in their mother tongue. So much so that these students speak in their respective languages round the clock, even whilst eating and playing and they are closely monitored to see if the rules are being followed.

For the language courses of Arabic and English, emphasis is given on the acquisition of the following skills:

  • Hearing
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Year 1: In the first year a child who has passed primary (or any education in equal capacity) is admitted. The child should be under the age of 13. For a complete year the child is taught English and initial Maths. In this year focus is given to English speaking and Grammar and English books are read by them and analyzed.

Year II: In the second year the student is taught Advanced English and English literature and is exposed to different genres. On the other hand the math, science and social science subjects are taught in English and the complete eighth grade curriculum is completed.

Year lll: In the third year, the course textbooks of the ninth and tenth grade are taught and the Urdu-language literary study is conducted. The same year the student takes the ninth-grade exam and completes the tenth grade curriculum.

Year lV: In this year only the Arabic language is taught. The focus is firmly on Arabic accents and pronunciation and in the beginning along with Arabic grammar Arabic essays are also written. In this way, before the students enter Dars-e-Nizami, they become greatly familiar with the English and Arabic language which helps them in their entire tenure at Dars-e-Nizami. This year the students also take their tenth grade exams.