|January 18, 2020
Bait-us-Salam Hospital, built over 300 yards, is in the final stages of completion.
Hadith Memorization Competition coming up soon!
Students to express their views by participating in the Student Opinion Week.

Educational Centers

Training Centers

The Principle of the University Zaida Majda takes particular interest in the training of students. That is the reason that, by the grace of Allah, the University pays special attention to the students’ religious and spiritual training along with providing quality education.

Students’ prayers, routines, habits, outlook, the way they sit, the manner in which they talk are closely monitored and if there is a relaxation seen in this regard, it is immediately dealt with. Students are reminded again and again not to imitate the habits and ways of life of others, rather to follow the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and to use it as guidance in their own lives the entire day.

With the reference of training, an important aspect is that the day starts from Tahajjud prayer rather than Fajr.

Another important work that is organized is that everyone in the University is bound to read three chapters of the Quran. The layout for this activity is that apart from reading half a chapter at Tahajjud prayer, everyone is supposed to read a quarter chapter before each of the compulsory daily prayers. In this way, with minimal fuss and handwork, the three chapters of the Quran are completed and the privilege of reciting compulsory prayers is also fulfilled.

In the same way, it is compulsory for students to attend daily teachings of actions, virtues and manners. Infact they are also encouraged to spend their vacation days in the way of Allah (Invitation/Call towards Islam), better themselves along with leading other Muslims to the path of Allah, embrace the clothing of their teachers and Ulema, especially the habit of wearing a turban, take immense care of cleanliness, always wear white clothes (White dress is mandatory for all students of the University as a Uniform). ۔

In the same way, during the month of Ramadan, the University performs Taraweeh prayers for more than a dozen villages (Goths) in the vicinity along with giving them training and moral teachings by forming a set of students and teachers to do so.

Quranic Centers

The academic activities of the university are not limited to its four walls, but the University’s goodness and prosperity has spread to all the 4 provinces of the country.

The purpose of the University “Bait-us-Salam” Quranic Education sector’s establishment is to spread the light of Quran in all those nooks and corners of the world where ignorance and darkness reigns. In this context, the organization seeks to establish ten thousand Quranic centers across the country so that every brick and mud-house has the blessings of the Quran.

The Quranic Educational Sector establishment has spread across the country; in Balochistan, which yearns waters, in fire-belching deserts, in the face of Chitral’s icy snowy mountains, and praise be to Allah, it is expanding in every street and corner of the country, even while dealing with adverse situations. In a very short period of time it has rapidly expanded with total 313 Quranic centers established in 16 districts of the four provinces of the country and in 21 towns and hundreds of villages ۔

Monitoring these centers, the appointment of teachers, students’ examinations and all other related administrative decisions and requirements are taken in the University “Bait-us-Salam”.

In every big or small city of the country, religious education (by the grace of Allah) happens, but at times scorned villages, villages without basic amenities, poverty stricken suburbs who wish to have urban basic facilities as well as religious training, who are ignorant of religion and those who who desire a good job and are too reluctant to look; in those areas the light of Quran should be spread from home to home, those who are in the darkness of ignorance, they should be given the light of knowledge. This is one such amazing achievement of the modern times, the importance of which can only be understood by that Muslim who has the passion to serve his religion with dedication and commitment.