|December 13, 2019
Bait-us-Salam Hospital, built over 300 yards, is in the final stages of completion.
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This mosque, keeping in mind the school and the area surrounding it, was built in a modern and beautiful style. It has 17 rows in the hall, 5 in the corridor and 22 in the compound. In one row of the hall there is place for 60 people to worship whereas there is place for 85 worshipers in each row of the corridor and the compound. In this way at one time, more than 3000 people are able to prostrate before Allah.

Further down the hall and compound a wide and vast basement has been built where moral and spiritual training will be held, where, in the future, nearly 12 classes will be dedicated to the memorization of the Quran. On three sides of the compound a gallery has been made and above the gallery (north, south, and east) there are 14 schools for the Department of Language and Dars-e-Nizami. In this way not only do the students have the opportunity to live in the blessed mosque most of the time, the mosque itself remains populated with people 24 hours. Apart from this, in the north-east and south-east of the mosque, 2 big halls have been made, one out of which has a two floor library (basement, ground floor) and the other has a computer lab for the students.


At any educational institution a library is recognized as a place where books are your friends and a place where one comes to quench their thirst for knowledge every time. In the University library books are present in Arabic, Urdu and English in various subjects, such as tafsir, hadith, jurisprudence, beliefs, literature, rhetoric, biographies, especially for the students and teachers of Arabic literature who would like to quench their thirst for knowledge.

To encourage students’ knowledge and to create lasting expertise in literature, students are asked to write essays in Arabic, Urdu and English, for which a variety of books that support the topics are released from the library.

Housing and Food:

In the University “Bait-us-Salam”, on the East there is a beautiful and elegant five-story modern facilities (hostel) which has been built. In the building there are a total of 72 rooms. Every room has a two-story bed and arrangement for seven to eight students. On the fifth floor a vast dining hall is built where more than 600 students can eat together at one time.


For the human body to be healthy and to have great capacity to work it needs hygienic food. It is certain that a good diet results in a healthy body and a healthy body is essential for a good brain function. It has always been the objective of the University to provide balanced diet to students so they do not have to worry about their diet themselves and they concentrate fully on the attainment of knowledge.

For this reason the University introduced the establishment of a kitchen. The kitchen is built on the roof of the University and is, by the grace of Allah, equipped with modern cooking facilities. Currently, in this kitchen there are 3 refrigerators, 1 mince making machine, 1 vegetable cutting machine, 1 cold water dispenser, a food factory, 4 large iron stoves, 8 big steel stoves, 2 small steel stoves, 1 dough kneading machine, 2 tandoors and 1 roti making plant. Connected to the place where the food is prepared is a big room to store the kitchen groceries and a small room where the kitchen manager sits. In the same way there is an arrangement to wash dishes and for the students to wash their hands. Ration, vegetables and meat is transported upstairs via a lift. Food is cooked in this kitchen whereas roti is made in the plant that is located on the ground floor. The kitchen staff consists of a total of 9 people.

Dining Area:

The University’s Dining Area is located next to the kitchen. The food is cooked in the kitchen and eaten by the students in the Dining Area. The Dining Area consists of two halls, one which is located east-west and the other is located north-south. In this dining area a mat to eat food on is created around 5 inches from the base of the floor. Students sit in rows and eat under the close monitoring of the teachers and are responsible to clean up after eating as well. This dining area has a capacity of approximately 600 students.

Food/Eating Arrangement:

The University tries its utmost to provide the students with a healthy and balanced diet. Pulses, vegetables, meat and rice are cooked under a pre-defined system. Roti is made in the oven and the students are allowed to eat as much roti as they want. Food is distributed among students in a very organized manner. Each school’s students help with the distribution of food in turns. Some distribute curries, some roti and some water. In this way every student does not have to get up themselves and gets everything whilst sitting. In the same way, for ill students dietetic food is prepared and they are provided milk, porridge, biscuits and fruit based on their requirements.

Staff training:

The University also trains the staff working in the kitchen. The kitchen supervisory staff is required to read the Quran and to educate themselves on basic issues. Similarly, the teachers keep giving the staff corrective advice and feedback to deal with students out of which treating the students with kindness, gentleness, and love, and asking them to include the remembrance of Allah at all times, is of profound importance.

Ground for Play:

For the students to play there is a lush green two-acre grassy ground in which students play football in the evening, whereas after the morning prayer it is compulsory for all students to run three times around the ground. These three rounds serve as energy for them for the entire day, after which the children remain spirited and smiling the whole day.

Charitable services:

The activities of the University are not only confined to education, but they also take the responsibility to do good in the neighboring areas. Since the University and its neighboring areas are under developed and need attention, the University takes under consideration their religion as well as their worldly needs. Hence, in the month of Ramadan, Iftar is sent in the neighborhood and most of the villages (Goths) who manage to break their fast. They also give Zakat in the form of charity to the deserving poor; clothes, food, groceries, etc. Also, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha a ‘collective sacrifice’ is done and all meat is distributed in the vicinity of the area. These charitable services are from time to time also mentioned in the monthly magazine “Fahm-Deen”.

University “Bait-us-Salam” Hospital:

Within the university premises “Bait-ul-Islam Welfare Trust ” is under the guidance of ” Bait-ul-Islam Hospital”. This in the final stages of completion which is 300 yards. In this hospital men and women patients will have separate facilities for check-ups. The facility of emergency will be available 24 hours. In this various disease specialists will be available for their services. With the opening of this hospital, apart from the university teachers, students and staff, the people of the neighborhood’s numerous villages (Goths), will not only get free treatment, but they will also be trained religiously and spiritually and they will return home, both physically and spiritually healed.