|January 18, 2020
Bait-us-Salam Hospital, built over 300 yards, is in the final stages of completion.
Hadith Memorization Competition coming up soon!
Students to express their views by participating in the Student Opinion Week.

Dar-ul-Quran Hifz

The Quran is the Book revealed by Allah and Allah has Himself taken charge of its care. It is in Allah’s hands, without any man-made help, to protect each and every letter of the book. However, thankfully to Allah, He has also enabled His creation to contribute to this great cause, and we are fortunate to have been presented with an opportunity for our child to be a part of the army that protects the Quran.

In this sector of the University, by the grace of Allah, there are 8 classes with 185 students who are illuminating their hearts with the light of the Quran. 11 teachers are responsible for the teaching of the Quran day and night to these students.

It is the top priority of the University to hire Ulema and Muftis in this sector for the purpose of education as far as it can be possible so that not only do students learn to pronounce words, hold the Quran and teach the knowledge but also benefit from to concept building, attitude training, basic problems and Sunnah prayers.

Up until now, by the grace of Allah, 52 children have memorized the Quran.

The University’s Dar-ul-Quran Hifz Department is responsible for teaching students the Arabic dialect and the pronunciation of words in order to achieve excellence. Along with training the teacher, the recitations of renowned Arabic reciters “Qari Sidduique Manshawari, Shaikh Ayub, and Shaikh Mashari Bin Rashid-ul-Fasi” is also done everyday for 20-25 minutes. After this, under the guidance of the teacher, every student reads in the Arabic dialect resulting in an immense improvement in their accents, Praise to Allah.

To encourage the children to learn the Quran by heart and to build enthusiasm within them, every Thursday a competition is held, which is compulsory to participate in by every student. Any teacher from the Dar-ul-Quran Hifz Department prepares three questions for each student, while two other teachers serve as a judge. This is a test of the student’s journey in Quranic education and the building of their self-esteem.

The Dar-ul-Quran Hifz Department has two major tests; mid-yearly and yearly, for which examiners and teachers are invited from outside to conduct. Apart from this there are also monthly exams which the Dar-ul-Quran Hifz teachers themselves conduct within the schools. This gives them a good idea of where the students stand in their academic year which becomes a source of great help and assistance for the students.

Because the level of consciousness of a student memorizing the Quran is not strong and a sense of carelessness prevails due to their young age, their habits, clothing, communication, relationships etc. are monitored closely. Within the school the students are in close contact with the teachers. Further, it is compulsory for every student to have an early morning run and an evening play session in which teachers too are quite actively involved. In the same way, teachers eat three times a day with their students as well which gives them an opportunity to tell them about the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and draw attention to the etiquette of life.